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Our unique one of a kind CBD tinctures are on the leading edge of Cannabis therapy. Tailored with specific terpene profiles our tinctures utilize the latest in cannabis science to provide enhanced support for a myriad of conditions ranging from insomnia, chronic pain, focus and breathing support to stress/anxiety reduction.


But WHY CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid found in both the female cannabis plant it's male counterpart hemp. Unlike THC, which produces a psychoactive effect, CBD's main claim to fame is its anti-inflammatory impact in the body. This is believed to be a result of CBD's work with the endocannabinoid system, in particular CB2 receptors which are found in the brain, the nervous system and the gut. It is further believed that CBD's ability to act as an anti-inflammatory in the body is what leads to improved symptoms across many conditions including pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and more. What is newly being uncovered, which is something cannabis users may have known anecdotally for some time now, is the role and impact that Terpenes can have on the therapeutic properties of CBD.   


A lot of people are familiar with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, but may know little or nothing of terpenes. Essentially, a terpene refers to large groups of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. Or, they are the compounds that give oils both their aroma and healing properties. Cannabis and Hemp have naturally occurring terpenes and it is these that give different strains not only their distinct smells but also their qualities. Having an affinity to particular terpenes is the reason why we may prefer one strain over another or that we recognize which strains benefit us the most. There is a theory known as "The Entourage Effect" that looks to explain the interaction between cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes. It is being discovered that terpenes may impact the way in which CBD interreacts with CB2 receptors.  Although there is still much research to be continued in this area, scientists are discovering more and more everyday. Our CBD Oil Tinctures take advantage of these new understandings and breakthroughs in Cannabis science to provide you with tailored effects.


It is to be noted that our CBD tinctures contain ZERO THC and will not have ANY psychoactive effects. Although we believe in our product very much for legal purposes we have to state that we do not suggest that our tinctures will cure or treat any disease. Please do not discontinue the use of prescribed medication unless discussing it with your health care practitioner first. LFN is not attempting to diagnose or treat ailments of any kind. Be well, be natural. 


Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, Mono-Terpenes


C$75.00 Regular Price
C$60.00Sale Price
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